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16 Courses that Improve Management Practices

Technical and Managerial practices and applications are changing rapidly.  It’s a challenge for any organization to stay on top of things.

Opening Management to Innovation and Agility

When staff is trained in innovation, they can find the gates closed by conservative and risk-averse management. Innovation has to be an investment at all managerial levels. The culture of many .

Three Key Leadership Skills Required for Today's Government Contractors

As a government contractor, your ability to prosper often hinges upon your delivery of superb technical services. However, the landscape is rapidly evolving for organizations in the government .

Why Developing In-House Talent is Better Than Finding New Talent

When unemployment was at its peak, companies could afford to cast a wide net in looking for the right new hire. Many highly-skilled workers were looking for a job where they could share their talent.

Cloud Security Training to Keep Your Data Safe

Today's technological age has brought us many conveniences and miracles, but unfortunately, the age of technology has also presented us with many obstacles and hazards where one misstep can cost you .

Understand and Apply DevOps Principles with Certified DevOps Training

With its roots in the Agile development methodology, DevOps is a set of practices that eliminates traditional barriers between software development (Dev) and IT (Ops). The result is faster .

Instructor-Led Virtual Training Has Garnered Widespread Appeal

In 2002, Velocity Knowledge delivered its first instructor-led virtual class to the employees of Lockheed Martin Corporation. In the early stage, we saw that virtual classroom training was slow to .

Why is ITIL Certification More Important Than Ever?

To remain competitive, businesses face the challenge of an increasing amount of data which IT professionals must collect, analyze and distribute. Following practices consistent with the IT .

Do You Offer The Right Type of Training?

In business, knowledge is power. The challenge businesses face is in ensuring that their employees are armed with the latest knowledge to remain competitive. This is particularly true in .

Emotional Intelligence is More Than Being Smart

Julie had just gotten off the phone, her eyes were obviously fighting back the tears, the call was apparently not a good one. One moment later, impervious to her emotional state, her manager .

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